CSM 2023.3 Fixes List

CSM 2023.3 Release Notes: this list describes fixed issues that were reported in previous releases.

Business Object Design Elements

  • DR 51595 Fields: Fixed an issue when setting a default value on a Group Member field that differs from the properties of the field against the Group Leader. The default set on the member is now applied when a new record is created.

  • DR 51617 Form Arrangement: Splitter position now persists in the CSM Desktop Client Journal view after forwarding an email.
  • DR-51641 Fields: Fixed an issue where an "X" icon remained visible after a selection was made.

  • 1101935 Buttons: Fixed an issue with usability of buttons with disabled expression controls.
  • 1103099 Form Arrangement: Fixed an issue where switching between records using the record selector arrows resulted in a "No current record" message.


  • DR-51320 Logging: Fixed an issue with logging where extra skip conditions were recorded.
  • DR-51416 Modifiers: Hexadecimal variable modifier is now working correctly.
  • DR-51444 Document Repository: Attachments from the Document Repository now appear in the Portal.

  • DR-51478 Accessibility: You can now tab through child object grids.

  • DR-51589 Calendars: Fixed an issue where calendars in the Browser Client sometimes didn't show all the dates in a month.

  • DR-51593 Calendars: Fixed an issue which caused occasional "Divide by Zero" errors when selecting calendar dates.

  • DR 51640 Browser Client and Portal: Fixed an issue where the "Show Legal Value" command triggered a "Disabled fields cannot be updated" error message after selecting a value.

  • 1103291 Accessibility: Added focus indicators in Browser Client.

One-Step™ Actions

  • DR 51422 One-Step Actions: Fixed an ordering issue in Browser Client One-Step Actions with "List values from a collection" prompts.


  • 1103292 Email: Expressions now work in the From address of email templates in the Browser Client.