Installation steps vary depending on which installers are run (Server, Portal and Browser Apps, and Client), whether you are installing a new instance of CSM or upgrading an existing instance, and whether or not Auto-Deploy is used.

For more information about installation/upgrade steps, see Steps to Install or Update CSM.

Installation configurations also vary. A typical installation is called a single-server installation because the Cherwell Application Server and supporting services are all installed on one machine. A typical single-server installation involves three tiers:

  • (Tier 1) Database server: Houses the CSM database (SQL database).
  • (Tier 2) Cherwell Server (main server): Houses the Cherwell Application Server and supporting services, and the Portal and Browser applications.
  • (Tier 3) Client machines: Houses the client-only files/administrator tools (the CSM Desktop Client, CSM Administrator, and all the supporting tools/utilities).

The following figure shows a typical single-server installation.

Typical Single Server Install