Configure Auto-Deploy Options

Explore options for Auto-Deploy configuration.

The table below describes the details of the Configure Auto-Deploy options.

Option Description
Connection The Client connection that is pushed out to all clients during installation. This must be an Application Server connection (3-tier connection).
Auto Deploy Site The URL of the website housing the Auto-Deploy installation. If the defaults are selected during the installation, then it is called CherwellAuto-Deploy (example: http://MyServer/CherwellAutoDeploy).
Target Folder The directory on the server where the install files are stored. This should be the directory where Auto-Deploy is installed (the physical directory that is pointed to by the Auto-Deploy site). If defaults were selected during the installation, this should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Browser Applications \CherwellAutoDeploy.

Change the default value to remove (x86) from the file path, or update the target folder to where you want to install Auto-Deploy.

Overwrite client connection Overwrites any defined Client database connections with the same name. For example, if the Auto-Deploy connection was [Common]Cherwell and the user already had a connection named [Common]Cherwell, it is overwritten.
Make connection be default Makes the installation connection the default Auto-Deploy connection for users.
Require users to install minor releases Requires users to install minor releases (example: CSM 10.1.1 on top of CSM 10.0.0) even if the current version is compatible with the server. If this check box is cleared, users are given the option.
Connect without prompting Automatically connects to the installation connection without prompting users.
Display Debug messages Use for troubleshooting only. A series of message boxes appear during deployment. Leave this check box cleared.
Installation Options The CSM applications to install on the Client machines.
Run Installer on client without providing any options to user Does not give the user any options during the installation. Users are prompted whether or not to install, but are not allowed to change the install directory or files to install, and then select what to install.
Install only the Cherwell client application Installs the CSM Desktop Client, Outlook Add-in (Installer), and the Dashboard Viewer.
Install the Cherwell client and Administrative tools Installs both the Client application and the Administrator tool.
Allow user to choose what to install

Allows the user to select whether or not to install the Administrator tool.

This option is disabled if the Run Installer check box is selected.