Define Default From Settings for a Global Email Account

A system administrator might want to control which email addresses can be used to send email from within CSM. Use the From Settings page to define allowed From addresses for a configured email account.

To define from settings:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, select E-mail and Event Monitoring > E-mail Accounts and Settings.

    The E-mail Options window opens.

  2. Select the Accounts page.
  3. Select a configured email account, and select Edit.

    The E-mail Options window for the account opens.

  4. Select the From Settings page.
  5. Define general account information:
    1. Name: Provide a name for the account.
    2. Make Account Available to Users: Select this check box to allow users to send emails from CSM using this account. If the account is only used by the Email and Event Monitor Service to scan incoming emails, leave the check box cleared so that users never see the account.
  6. Define which From addresses are allowed (select any or all of the following options):
    • Allow User’s E-mail Address: Select this check box to allow the user's email address as a From address.
    • Allow Arbitrary FROM addresses: Select this check box to allow any valid email address as a From address. We do not recommend this option since it can be used for spam and to impersonate other users, and because most mail servers reject emails with unexpected From addresses.
  7. Provide a list of legal From addresses (example: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]).

    The email server needs to be configured to allow these From addresses from the account.

    • Add: Select to add a new email address as a Legal From address.
    • Edit: Select to edit an existing From address.
    • Remove: Select to remove an email address from the list.

      If all emails sent from a global email account in CSM should have the same From address, add that address to the list of Legal From addresses and clear the Allow User’s E-mail Address and Allow Arbitrary FROM addresses check boxes.

    • If there is a list of Legal From addresses, select one as the default From address (select the Make Default Address button) that is automatically used for all emails sent from the account.
  8. Select where to send emails from, either:
    • Client: Select this radio button to have emails sent from the user's client machine. Emails sent from the CSM Browser Client or CSM Portal using this setting still utilize the Cherwell Message Queue Service.
    • Server: Select this radio button to have emails sent from the server. Sending email from a server puts an additional load on the server and should be used if only the server has access to the mail server for security reasons, or if there are CSM users outside of the corporate firewall/network. If only a few users need to send email from the server, create a separate account for those users.

      If you use Trusted Agents with the email account, the email source will automatically be set to Server.