Define Global Grid and Form Control Display Settings

Use the Display Options page in the CSM Administrator Blueprint Options window (accessed from within the Blueprint Editor) to define global display settings.

Settings include:

  • Form Controls: Default border style for new Form controls.
  • Grid Groupings: Enable Grid Groupings and define default display options.

    These defaults act like a template because they promote consistency; however, some of the settings can be overridden in the individual Grid and Form definitions.

To define Grid and Form Control display settings:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, click the Blueprints category, and then click the Create a New Blueprint task or the Open an Existing Blueprint task.

    Your most recent working Blueprint is also listed here. Click it to open it in the Blueprint Editor.

  2. From the Blueprint Editor Menu bar, click Tools>Options.
  3. Click the Display Options page.
  4. In the Border Style for New Controls drop-down, select a default border style for new Form Controls:
    Use Value From Theme Uses the border format of the Form's default theme.
    Create 3D Border Adds a raised 3D border on new Form Controls.
    Create Flat Border Adds a flat border on new Form Controls.
  5. In the Grids area, select default display settings for Grid Grouping:
    Default to Allow Grouping on Grids

    Shows the Group By box by default on all Grids.

    This default automatically selects the Yes, (Show Grouping) radio button in each system Grid definition; however, it can be overridden.

    Default to Showing Grouping on Grids on Tabs Automatically shows Grid Grouping functionality on Grid Tabs.
    Default to Allowing User to Enable Grouping on Grids on Tabs Allows Users to enable Grid Grouping on Grid Tabs if it is not automatically enabled.
    Default to Allowing Users to Remember Grouped Columns Between Sessions Allows Grid Grouping persistence.