Define Directory Service Schema Properties

The Schema page (in the Map LDAP Object window) is where Users set the Schema Attributes, and the page is used to map directory service objects to CSM objects. The schema contains the structure of all objects stored in a directory service.

To define Schema properties:

  1. Open the Map LDAP Object window.
  2. Select the Schema page.
  3. Select the Save schema first time it is read in check box.
  4. Define the following Schema Attributes:
    Save schema first time it is read in The field in schema objects that contains the ID. When selected, the LDAP schema is cached the first time an LDAP-mapped Business Object is created. This improves performance because mappings can be done without accessing the LDAP server.
    ID The ID attribute.
    Path The field in schema objects that holds the path to an object. Microsoft calls this field distinguishedName.
    Attributes that Hold Name

    The standard has several fields that can be used to hold a name – cn (common name), ou (organizational unit) and o (organization). Active Directory adds name. Have the most commonly used name at the top (name for Active Directory and cn for other vendors).

    • Select the Add button to add attributes.
    • Select an attribute, and then select Delete to un-associate the attribute.
    • Use the arrows to order the attributes.