Define Directory Service Users Properties

The directory service Users page (in the Map LDAP Object window in a Blueprint) maps CSM users to LDAP Users. Once the mapping is done, users log in using a Directory Service authentication and/or are imported directly into CSM.

To define Active Directory users:

  1. Open the Map LDAP Object window.
  2. Select the Users page.
  3. Define the users properties.
    Allow LDAP Users to Login to the System

    Use LDAP authentication when users log in.

    In CSM Administrator, go to the Security page, select the Edit System Settings and the LDAP check boxes under Supported Login Modes.

    Allow Users to be imported Import users directly into CSM. To import users, open CSM Administrator and select Database > Import from LDAP.

    Opens the Wizard to map Active Directory fields to CSM Business Object Fields. If LDAP fields change in the future, use the Add, Edit, and Delete buttons to modify the field mappings.

    For more information about how to use filters, refer to User Mapping Wizard.

    Name of Active Directory User Class Specify the ObjectClass attribute of users.
    Field that Holds User ID After the Wizard, select the field that holds the User ID for each LDAP user. This is used for synchronization when users are re-imported.
    Start of User Searches

    Specify the path where user searches should start or provide the same path specified for Search Start on the General page.

    LDAP searches can be slow, it is best to pick the LDAP directory that contains all of the users and provide that path. Select the Test button to verify the directory specified is correct.

    Additional Filters When Pulling Active Directory Data:

    Select Add to open a window to add additional criteria that are applied to LDAP objects when an import is done.