Import Directory Service Users

To import Directory Service Users, ensure that Windows login is allowed in CSM. Enable Windows login in the CSM Administrator.

If Security Groups are already configured, importing Users is not necessary, as Users are added to the system when they log in.

Use the Import Users window to define:

  • Directory service to import
  • Users to import
  • Default domain
  • Security Group to assign to imported Users
  • LDAP Key field

To import Users:

  1. To open the User Manager in CSM Administrator, select Security > Edit Users.
  2. In the toolbar, select the Import Users button Import User Button .
  3. In the Import Users window, select the Directory Service Users radio button and provide the following User information:
    • LDAP Directory Service: Select the created LDAP Blueprint in the list.
    • Starts With: Leave blank or provide a few characters to narrow the search, and then select Search to see a list of all LDAP Users.
    • Default domain: Provide the domain that the imported Users belong to and select a default domain-option radio button.
    • Security Group for imported Users: Select the CSM Security Group in the list.

      If the LDAP Users are not shown, go to the Map LDAP Object window. Select the Users page to verify the Search Start setting.

    • LDAP Key Field: Select the Key Field for the LDAP import in the list.
  4. Select OK.