Navigate Search Results

Use the Navigation toolbar to navigate between Search Results. The toolbar becomes active after you run a search and it can be moved/docked based on your specific needs. By default, the Navigation toolbar is located on the CSM Desktop Client toolbar:

If the Navigation toolbar is not visible, right-click anywhere in the CSM Desktop Client toolbar section and select Navigation toolbar in the drop-down.

The Navigation toolbar includes the following buttons:



Show results Displays the list or Grid of records that were found.
Show current record Displays the currently selected record.
Go to first record Jumps to the first record in set.
Go to previous record Jumps to the previous record in set.
Got to next record Jumps to the next record in set.
Go to last record Jumps to the final record in set.

Card view results have some additional options available:

  • Page navigation: Navigate between pages of results (next/previous or by page number).
  • Sorting: Sort results based on Business Object fields in ascending or descending order.
  • Card Size: Select an option to change the card view (results list view, medium cards, or large cards).
  • Execute Actions: Select and run an Action that was defined for the Business Object. In the Desktop Client, Actions are available in a context menu when you right-click a card. In the Browser Client and Portal, Actions are available by clicking the ellipses button on a card.

In the Browser Client and Portal, any images or grouping defined for Actions are not supported in card view.