Order Directory Service Groups

Once all directory service Groups are associated with CSM Security Groups, the groups need to be ordered.

Users can belong to more than one directory service Group, so CSM requires groups to be ordered. This ensures the correct directory service Group is used for the User’s CSM Security Group.

For example, Joe belongs to the Administrators and Developers Groups. When he logs in to CSM, he is assigned to the Security Group that is associated with Administrators. He is assigned to that group because the Administrators Group has the most rights out of the list.

To order directory service Groups:

  1. In CSM Administrator, select Security > Edit security groups > Users > Order groups to open the Order LDAP Groups window.
  2. Select the arrows to order the directory service Groups.

    Put the Directory Service Groups in the order they should be verified when picking the associated CSM Security Group.

  3. Select OK.