Problem Design Ideas

CSM provides an OOTB Problem workflow with all the items you need to successfully log and resolve Problems. You can use this workflow, or tailor it to meet the needs of your organization. Design ideas include:

  • Fields: Change which Fields are required and when, which Fields support Rich Text, etc.
  • View Counter: Incrementally track the number of times a record is viewed by a customer or user in the Desktop Client, Browser Client, and CSM Portal. View Counter functionality is configured in CSM Administrator.
  • Statuses: Change Problem statuses and/or the One-Step Actions that are initiated when a Problem enters each status.
  • Form: Change the Form theme (background and text color), tab order, and size. Change the threshold and/or colors for priority.
  • Actions and One-Step Actions: Create Actions/One-Step Actions to automate your workflow (example: Tweet the Resolution description when a Problem is closed).
  • E-mail: Change the templates that are used to create the e-mails sent by One-Step Actions or Automation Processes (example: "Notify Owned By via E-mail" One-Step Action). The e-mail templates are defined as part of the One-Step Action. Or, disable/change when and to whom notifications are sent.
  • Automation Processes: Enable/disable the Automation Processes that monitor Incidents (example: Monitors for record inactivity, sends automatic notification e-mails, etc.).
  • Field Value Options: Use Table Management to add/edit Lookup Object values for use in drop-down Fields (example: Cause Codes).
  • Additional Process Options: Consider enhancing your process by creating a Major Problem workflow using new fields, One-Step Actions, and Automation Processes. The workflow might include a Major Problem Review where the Problem Reviewer provides information related to what went well, what did not go well, mitigation ideas, and lessons learned.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for the above is beyond the scope of this content.