Run the Web Applications Installation

Logged in as system administrator, install Browser Applications, update Auto-Deploy, and configure the browser connection to the CSM database.

Launch the installation on the server where you want to install the Portal and Browser applications files. Use the Cherwell Browser Applications Setup Wizard to install the applications and the Cherwell Configuration Manager to configure the applications.

Run the installation as a system administrator so that all installation steps can execute successfully.

To run the Portal and Browser Apps installation:

  1. In the CherwellDiskImage-Enlish folder, right-click the Cherwell_Service_Managment_Installation.exe file and select Run as Administrator.

    The Cherwell Service Management installation window opens.

  2. Select Install in the Portal and Browser Apps section.

    The Cherwell Browser Applications Setup Wizard opens.

  3. Select Install.
  4. Review the introductory text, and then select Next.
  5. Read the license agreement. The license agreement can also be printed. If you accept the license terms, select the I accept the terms in the license agreement check box, and then select Next.
  6. Use the default location/folder in which to install the Browser installation files, or select Change to select another location. Select Next.
  7. Review the text, and then select Install.

    The Cherwell Configuration Manager opens to set up the Browser applications.

  8. Select Start.
  9. Select which Browser applications to install.

    The Cherwell REST API is installed regardless of the selections made on this page. If no selection is made, only the REST API is installed.

    Select Next.

  10. Choose Auto-Deploy options, then select Finish.
  11. The next page depends on previous selections:
    • If Auto-Deploy is not yet configured and the user wants to update it: The installer prompts to configure Auto-Deploy installation. Select Yes and configure it now, or configure it later by selecting Windows Start > Cherwell Browser Applications > Auto-Deploy Config or Windows Start > Programs > Cherwell Service Management > Tools > Configure Auto-Deploy, depending on the Server.
    • If browser connection (new user) is not yet configured: The Connection Wizard opens to help configure the connection between the CSM Browser applications and the CSM database. This is a different connection than the one for CSM because the Browser Apps run inside IIS and the connection needs to work with the IIS security options. Follow the instructions in the wizard.
    • If the Cherwell Browser connection (existing user) is already configured: Installation is complete.
  12. Select Close.
  13. Select Finish on the Cherwell Browser Applications Setup window.
  14. Select Close on the Cherwell Browser Applciations Setup window.