Send a Test Email through the Email Monitor

Test the demo Email Monitor to ensure that email accounts and Email and Event Monitor settings work properly.

For more information on the demo Email Monitor, see Demo Email Monitor. To test the demo Email Monitor:

  1. Send a basic email to a test CSM account.
    1. Access the sending account (example: [email protected]) via an email service.
    2. Create a new email.
    3. Provide the email address monitored by the demo Email Monitor in the To: line of the email.
    4. Type Test in the subject line.
    5. Type Test in the body of the email.
    6. Send the email.
      The email is automatically sent to the Email Monitor to be scanned for properties that match the defined Monitor Items. Since the email does not contain any Monitor Item properties in the demo Email Monitor, the Email Monitor initiates the default Monitor Item, which creates an Incident in CSM.
  2. Open the Incident created by the email.
    1. Open the CSM Desktop Client.
    2. Select Searching > All Incidents.
      A list of Incidents opens in the main pane.
    3. Select the Created Date Time column header to view the most recently created record first.
    4. Double-click the incident to open the record in the main pane.

      If the email is not immediately visible in the list of Incidents, wait a few moments for the Email Monitor to recognize the account changes and scan the account. If Incident is still not visible, make sure the appropriate default Email Monitor settings are selected.