Attach (Import) Files to a Record

When you attach files to a record, the files are imported directly into CSM. The attached files are available anywhere in CSM and some of the file types are searchable (example: Word, Excel, Text, RTF, PDF). You can attach documents, images, videos, and web pages.

Imported documents increase the size of the CSM database and must be re-imported if a change is made to the document.

In the CSM Browser Client and CSM Portal, you can attach one or more files to a record using multi-select and drag functionality.

To attach file(s) to a record in the Browser Client and CSM Portal:

  1. Open a record.
  2. In the toolbar, select Attach > Attach files.
  3. In the File Upload window, select Select Files.
  4. Navigate to the file(s) and select or multi-select (CTRL+Shift) the file(s) you want to attach.
  5. Select Open or drag the file(s) into the File Upload window.
  6. After the file(s) have finished uploading, select Submit.
  7. Select Save.
    The attachment(s) must be saved to the record to be eligible for download.

To attach file(s) to a record in the CSM Desktop Client:

  1. Open a record.
  2. Next to the attachment bar, select Attach > Attach a file (import).
    You can also select the Attachment button, and then select Attach a file (import).
  3. Navigate to the file(s), select or multi-select (CTRL+Shift) the files you want to attach, and select Open.