About Teams Chat

Teams chat enables a user to send messages to, and receive messages from a Microsoft Teams channel directly from CSM.

Teams chat is available when Related Item Navigation is enabled for a Business Object.

It is important to understand the concept of the delegated user. The delegated user is a member of the Azure Active Directory where the Microsoft Teams app registration resides, and where the required certificates/secrets and API permissions can be accessed and applied. The delegated user does not need to be the owner of the Microsoft Azure Portal account, only a member of the Active Directory. It is recommended that you set up a special user for this role:

  • The delegated user must be a member of the Azure Active Directory in which the Microsoft Teams app registration resides.
  • The delegated user Active Directory credentials (username and password) are configured in CSM Administrator when configuring the Teams chat integration.
  • The delegated user must have an active Microsoft Teams license or subscription.

When the Teams integration is configured, chat conversations created from CSM creates a Team with the delegated user as the owner.

Chat messages sent from CSM come from the delegated user account.

CSM utilizes the General channel of the created team for communications. Any other channels created under the Team are not visible within CSM.