Configure the Activity Pane

You can map the Activity Pane fields to any Business Object.

To display the Activity Pane:

  1. In the Business Object Properties dialog, navigate to the History page and select the Display Activity Pane checkbox.

  2. The Activity Pane will initially show up as the first tab in the Form Arrangement. You can change the order using the Form Designer.

The History relationship for a major Business Object determines the data that will display on each Activity Pane tab. The Create Note button is enabled when the Manual History relationship is enabled on a major Business Object.

You can map seven Activity Property Types in a Business Object:

Activity Property Field Type Suggested Mapping for Journal - Note Business Object
Created Date/Time Created Date Time
Modified Date/Time Last Modified Date
Created By Text (Plain) Created By
Modified By Text (Plain) Modified By
Body Text (Plain or Rich) Details
Title Text (Plain)

This is currently a placeholder field.

Pinned Logical  

You can see the Activity Group mappings for a Business Object in the area below the Display Activity Pane checkbox. If a relationship is not mapped, "No Mapping" is displayed. This means the data captured in the supporting Business Object will not display the record data on the Activity Pane tab.