Enable Archiving for Business Objects

When you enable archiving for Business Objects, a table is created for the archived data to transfer into.

These options are available for Major, Minor, and Group leader Business Objects.

Once archiving has been enabled and published, it cannot be disabled. You can, however, move records back and forth from the archive using a One-Step Action built using the Transfer Records to or from an archive.

To enable archiving on a Business Object:

  1. In CSM Administrator, create a new Blueprint.

  2. Select the Business Object you want to archive.

    We recommend you start with Major Business Objects and work your way down the relationship chain. Carefully consider which objects to start with. For example, archiving Incidents may make Journal entries associated with Incidents inaccessible until they are also archived.

  3. Select Edit Business Object.

  4. Select Bus Ob Properties.

  5. Select the Advanced page.

  6. In the Data Options section, select Create Archive. The option for enabling archiving on a Group Business Object is Create Group Archive.

  7. Publish the Blueprint.