Presenting Different Views to Users

Forms can be created to present different views on a Business Object's data to users.

A Business Object view is an entity that contains an instance of a Business Object for which a form can be used to expose data from it in different ways. These forms can be used to expose the data to a user in ways that are more secure and more personal via a role.

You can create multiple forms for a Business Object view. A typical example is:

  • Create an Incident form for an internal help desk and create a different Incident form, with a different view, for an external help desk. For example, create an Incident form for a Portal view so customers can access a simpler Incident form and grid. This form might display only required fields, and field labels may be changed so that they make sense to a customer.

After a Business Object view is created, you can select it and then create forms for the view.

When creating a form for a Business Object view consider the application where the Business Object in the view is exposed. Typically, forms created for a Business Object view used in the CSM Portal should be simpler and less complex than forms created for a Business Object view used in the CSM Desktop Client.