Managing Forms

Use the Classic Form Editor to manage forms from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator.

Use the Classic Form Editor to:

  • Create a classic form.
  • Edit a classic form.
  • Delete a form.

    You can use the Form Wizard from within the Classic Form Editor. The Form Wizard is a specialized tool that automatically creates a new form with all the appropriate fields and control properties.

Managing Content-Protected Forms

If you are working with classic forms that were previously applied as part of a Protected mApp™ Solution:

  • You see a shield icon alongside content-protected forms.
  • If you open a content-protected form in CSM Administrator, you see a large transparent shield watermark in the Form Editor.
  • You can't edit or delete a content-protected form, but you can copy a form, then edit or delete it.
  • The copied form contains all protected definitions from the original form. The copied form itself isn't content-protected, but everything within the form is. For example, One-Step™ Actions and expressions are protected because they are not copies.
  • Toolbars are disabled in both the Definition Reviewer and Form Editor.
  • If you install a new Protected mApp Solution containing a form with a name that already exists, the form in the target system has an underscore prefix (_) added to avoid naming conflicts.