How to Map Activity Pane Fields

You can map logical, text, or date/time fields to the Activity Pane to view the activity and communications for a Major Business Object in one easy-to-navigate area.

To map Activity Pane fields:

  1. In CSM Administrator, create a new Blueprint.
  2. In the Manage objects pane, select the Supporting radio button under Show object types.
  3. Expand Journal, and then select the Supporting Business Object you want to edit (example: Journal - History).
  4. Select Edit Business Object
  5. Choose a field to map to. You can map to logical, text, or date/time fields. Right-click the field name, and then select Edit.
  6. In the Field Properties dialog, select the Advanced page.
  7. In the Activity Mapping section, choose an option in the Maps To drop-down. If a field on the Activity Pane is already mapped, the mapping will appear in parentheses after the field name in the drop-down. Different selections are shown depending on the field type (i.e., Text fields can only be mapped to text fields on the Activity Pane, and date/time fields can only be mapped to date/time fields on the Activity Pane). Invalid mappings are grayed out.
    You can overwrite existing mappings by selecting a new field to map to. To clear a mapping, select None.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 to map any additional fields you would like to see in the Activity Pane.

Changing activity mappings on a group leader does not propagate down to group members. However, if you have a group leader that has activity mappings and then create the group members, the parent's mappings will exist on the new children. If you create a new Business Object group to track history, create the group leader and configure the activity mappings before creating the children.