Related Item Navigation

Related Item Navigation is a CSM feature for viewing a Major Business Object's related items directly from an integrated Related Item pane in the current record.

You can configure and enable Related Item Navigation for any Major Business Object in the Business Object's Form Arrangement Editor. By default, Related Item Navigation is already enabled for the Incident and Problem Business Objects. CSM supports Adaptive Layouts for Related Item Navigation to provide an optimal user experience across a range of devices.

Enabling Related Item Navigation may cause the layout of your form arrangement to change. The form splitter is also not configurable in the Related Item Navigation form arrangements, a predefined and fixed splitter configuration is applied automatically. The Form Arrangement Editor allows you to preview the layout of the form arrangement after enabling Related Item Navigation, and to confirm the impact of the new layout on your content. Once Related Item Navigation is enabled it cannot be undone without discarding the Blueprint.

The Related Item Navigation feature provides the following related items as individual tabs in the Related Item pane:

In addition to the default tabs of related items, you can also add custom tabs of related Business Objects to the Related Items pane.

Table:  Default Related Item Navigation Tabs
Tab Description
CommunicationSend email messages from the current Business Object record. Features include integration with the CSM Address Book, formatting options, and file attachments.
Solution Search (CSM Browser Client only) Run a search for an existing solution in knowledge sources (examples: Known errors, open incidents, Knowledge Articles). The search results display matching knowledge sources by relevancy.
Attachments (CSM Browser Client only) Import files into the current Business Object record. After files are imported, you can preview images and download or delete files. Supported file types are configured in CSM Administrator.
ChatCreate Slack channels directly from the current Business Object record, enabling users to view and participate in discussions in Slack without leaving CSM.

Good to Know

The Related Item Navigation feature is enabled for the Incident and Problem Business Objects if they are included in the OOTB content for CSM 10.0.x and later. If you have a mApp® Solution that was created on a content version earlier than 10.0.0, and it overwrites or merges with Incident or Problem (such as the Managed Service Provider mApp Solution), review the Related Item Navigation within these Business Objects before you publish the mApp Solution Blueprint. Verify that you need all items within the Related Item Navigation and remove any tabs that are not for reference purposes. Thoroughly test functionality, especially in the CSM Browser Client.