Archive Microsoft Teams Conversations

When archiving is configured for the Microsoft Teams integration, channels are automatically archived once their associated Business Object records reach their final Lifecycle state. Conversation history is stored with the configured Journal tab of the CSM Business Object record.

Good to Know

  • Messages cannot be sent to or received from archived channels.
  • Attempts to send messages to an archived Teams channel causes an error message to be displayed.
  • Channels are not archived if users who move Business Object records to their final stage do not have the Store Chat History security right.
  • Teams channels cannot be manually archived from CSM.
  • Teams channels can only be un-archived from Microsoft Teams. If a channel associated with a completed Business Object record is un-archived from Microsoft Teams, messages can be sent and received from the associated CSM Business Object record.
  • Users may see a delayed status for archived channels due to possible caching between Microsoft Teams and CSM. They receive warning messages if they attempt to send messages to an archived channel or when they try to create a channel for a reopened Business Object that is associated with an archived channel.

To automatically archive Microsoft Teams channels:

  1. Verify with your CSM administrator that archiving has been configured for the Microsoft Teams integration.
  2. Move a CSM Business Object record to its final stage.
  3. In Microsoft Teams, verify that the channel associated with the completed CSM record has been archived.
  4. In CSM, verify the archived conversation on the configured Journal tab of the Business Object record. For example, view archived conversations on the Journal - Remote Support History tab.