Create a Microsoft Teams Channel from the Related Items Pane

Once the Microsoft Teams integration is configured for the Related Items pane, you can start a conversation with CSM users who have accounts in the configured Teams workspace.

Good to Know

  • CSM users who have the security right to create a new chat conversation can create a private Teams channel from the Related Items pane. Only users who belong to the Teams workspace can be invited to the channel.
  • Channel names are determined by administrative settings. You cannot rename channels.

To create a Teams channel from a saved Business Object record:

  1. Expand the Related Items pane.
  2. Select the Chat page.
  3. Select Start Teams Conversation.
    The Channel Properties dialog opens.
  4. In the Invite User box, select the Address Book icon.
  5. Select a user who belongs to your Teams workspace.
    A message displays if you select a user who is not a member of your Teams workspace.
  6. Select OK.