Special Form Controls

Special controls are built-in CSM form controls with enhanced functionality.

CSM provides the following special controls:

  • Embedded Form: Displays one or more embedded forms using either a relationship or an expression.
  • Lifecycle Progress Indicator: Shows the user where they are, in terms of status and stage, and what is coming next in a Business Object lifecycle.
  • Matrix Selector: Displays a configurable matrix (example: A priority matrix). Select one value from the column header, one from the row header, and the final value from the point where the row and column intersect.
  • Related Item Picker: Allows quick access to critical related information to populate a field with a value and/or view the related items (example: Customer or configuration item information).
  • Related Item Viewer: Allows you to see a list of related items that you can select and open in a new window.
  • Transition Status Control: Allows you to move between statuses in a Business Object lifecycle.