Add a Single Calendar Item

Add any Calendar Item listed in the Legends area to a Calendar directly from the Calendar window.

Good to know:

  • Calendar Items that can be added to the Main Pane are displayed in the Legends area and are determined when the Calendar is created.
  • If you have security rights, you can add, edit, or delete the Calendar Items that appear in the Legends area.
  • If you edit the time components that control where the Calendar Item is displayed, the item automatically moves on the Calendar, and the Calendar display changes to keep the item visible.

To add a Calendar Item:

  1. View a Calendar.
  2. On the Calendar, right-click>New [Calendar Item].

    The New window opens where you can enter the Calendar Item details.

    The name of the Calendar Items available for selection will vary depending on what was defined during Calendar creation.

  3. Select OK.

  4. Depending on the Calendar Item and security settings, you might be able to perform the following operations:
    • To change the date, drag the Calendar Item to a new date/time.
    • To change the duration, resize the Calendar Item to accommodate the new time.
    • To change editable details, double-click the Calendar Item (or right-click>Open). The Quick-View window opens where you can change editable details.

      Select OK.