Change the Calendar View

View Calendar information by:

  • Day View: Displays items for a single day.
  • Work Week View: Displays items for the defined work week.

    In the Day View and Work Week View, you can also increase or decrease the time increments displayed in the Calendar (in the column to the left of the main pane where the times are displayed, right-click>select time increment).

  • Week View: Displays items for a single week.
  • Month View: Displays items for a single month.
  • Timeline View: Displays items for a specified period of time (timeline). You define the timescales (timescale options only appear when in Timeline View).
  • Gantt View: Displays items for an entire project schedule.

Good to know:

  • Regardless of the view, the current day (Today) is highlighted.
  • Each Calendar has a default view, which is determined when the Calendar is created. If you have security rights, you can change the default view of an existing Calendar.
  • Changing the Calendar view only temporarily changes the view. The next time you view the Calendar, it displays in the default view.

To change the calendar view:

  1. View a Calendar.
  2. On the Calendar, right-click>Change View To>select a format to change from the current view.