Select a Default Global Calendar

Use the System Settings window in CSM Administrator to select the default Global Calendar.

Good to know:

  • If a default Role or User Calendar is selected, it will override the Global default.
  • Users with appropriate security rights can select their own default Calendar in the CSM Desktop Client.
  • Customers have limited options and cannot override defaults in the Portal.
  • A system administrator can clear Role and User defaults (for a specific User/Role or all), resetting the defaults to the Global-defined settings (File>Clear Settings in the User Manager or Role Manager).

To select a default Global Calendar:

  1. Open the System Settings window (CSM Administrator > Settings > Edit System Settings).
  2. Click Dashboards, etc.

    The Dashboards, Calendars, and Visualizations window opens.

  3. Click the My Tasks button My Tasks Button to the right of the default Calendar.

    The Calendar Manager opens.

  4. Select a Calendar to be the default.

    Be sure to select a Calendar that everyone can access (global scope). Create a new Calendar, if needed.

  5. Select OK.