Select a Default Role Calendar

Use the Role Manager in CSM Administrator to select the default Role Calendar.

Good to know:

  • If no default Role Calendar is selected, the Global default will be used.
  • Users with appropriate security rights can select their own default Calendar in the CSM Desktop Client.
  • Customers have limited options and cannot override defaults in the Portal.
  • A system administrator can clear Role and User defaults (for a specific User/Role or all), resetting the defaults to the Global-defined settings (File>Clear Settings in the User Manager or Role Manager).

To select a default Role Calendar:

  1. Open the Role Manager.

    Role Manager

  2. Click the Role for which you want to select a default Calendar.

    The Role Profile opens in the Manager window.

  3. Select the default Role Calendar, either:
    • Use default: Select this radio button to use the default Global Calendar.
    • Calendar: Select this radio button to use a default Role Calendar. Then, click the Calendar button Calendar Button to open the Calendar Manager, where you can select an existing Calendar or create a new Calendar to use as the default. Be sure to select a Calendar that everyone in that Role can access.
  4. Click SaveSave Button.