About Dashboard Slideshows

A slideshow is a series of dashboards that displays on a defined cycle. Use a slideshow to cycle through:

  • Company dashboards
  • Team dashboards
  • Executive dashboards

Slideshow behaviors include the following:

  • The Dashboard Viewer cycles through a list of selected dashboards. When the last dashboard is reached, the viewer returns to the first.
  • The time to display each dashboard controls the amount of time before the next dashboard is loaded. The time can be set in hours, minutes or seconds, with 5 seconds the minimum amount of time between dashboards.
  • When a slideshow has been created, it can be selected from the Slideshow Manager, or simply from the MRU (Most Recently Used) list of recently accessed slideshows.

CSM provides an OOTB slideshow. Use this slideshow as is, edit it, or create your own using the Slideshow Manager. See Open the Slideshow Manager.