Configure Outlook Integration Defaults

Outlook Integration Defaults define who sees what in the Outlook Integration (which roles can see which Outlook Integrations). Specify default integration configurations for each role.

To configure the Outlook integration defaults:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, select the E-mail and Event Monitoring category, and then select the Outlook Integration Defaults task.

    The Outlook Integration Defaults window opens.

  2. Define the Default Integration Configuration for each role:

    For more information about roles, refer to the Security documentation on Roles.

    1. In the Default by Role area, select a role (example: IT Service Desk).
    2. In the Default Integration area, select a Default Integration Configuration in the drop-down list.
    3. Repeat this until a Default Integration Configuration is assigned to each role.

      When an Outlook user configures the Cherwell Outlook Add-In, the default configuration specified here is the one to which she is initially assigned. Depending on Outlook Integration security rights, the user might also be allowed to select a different Integration Configuration.

  3. Select Close.