Configure the Cherwell Outlook Add-In

Configure the Cherwell Outlook Add-In after it has been installed in Microsoft Outlook. Configuration tasks include connecting to the CSM database, providing login credentials, setting up auto-linking for incoming emails, and more.

To configure the Cherwell Outlook Add-In:

  1. Select Not Connected from the Cherwell Group in the Outlook ribbon.

    If the Add-In has never been used before, a window opens stating that the connection is not configured.

    If the Cherwell Outlook Add-In has been used before, the button may show Connected. In this case, select Connected. A window opens with CSM connection and login information, and the ability to edit the configuration.

  2. Select Configure.
  3. Check the Enable Cherwell Integration check box to enable the Cherwell Outlook Add-In.
  4. Select Configure to select a CSM connection to use.
  5. Specify connection and login information for the CSM connection that the Cherwell Outlook Add-In will use:
    1. Select the ellipses button and select the appropriate CSM database connection.

      If there is only one connection, then select this connection.

    2. Provide the login credentials.
      • Windows Authentication: The Cherwell Outlook Add-In uses Windows authentication to connect to CSM.

        In order to use Windows Credentials, Windows or LDAP must be enabled in CSM Administrator (that is, Windows and/or LDAP must be supported login modes (Security > Edit Security Settings > Windows or LDAP.

      • User ID and Password: The Cherwell Outlook Add-In uses CSM credentials to connect to CSM, and then provide the User ID and password.
    3. Select Test to verify that the Outlook Add-In can connect to CSM.

      The name of the CSM connection now appears in the Cherwell Options window next to the Connection button.

  6. Define the remaining options for the Cherwell Outlook Add-In:
    1. Outlook Configuration: Select the appropriate Outlook Integration Configuration that was configured in CSM Administrator.

      A default Outlook Integration Configuration might have been automatically set. Depending on the security rights, select a configuration other than the default.

    2. Auto-Link Incoming E-mails: Automatically associates incoming e-mails from a monitored folder with a Business Object Record (a Journal - Mail History Record is created).

      This option is only available if Users are allowed to override auto-link settings, configured in CSM Administrator (General settings for OutlookIntegration Configurations). It only enables processing of e-mails as they arrive in a monitored folder. If currently existing e-mails should be processed and automatically linked, select the Rescan Items options in Outlook's explorer UI.

    3. Auto-Link Outgoing Reply/Forward: Automatically associates outgoing replies or forwards of linked e-mails with the same Business Object Record to which the original e-mail is linked.
    4. Always Default to Non-Final Only Candidates: The Cherwell Outlook Add-In always lists only non-closed Business Object Records as potential link items.
    5. Folders to Monitor: Click the Ellipses button, select the folders to monitor (example: Inbox), and then select OK.

      The Cherwell Group in the Outlook ribbon (Home tab) shows connected. Users can begin using the Cherwell Outlook Add-In.