Disable a Monitor

Disable a Monitor if it has a problem or if there is a need to apply special handling for certain situations (such as emergencies). For example, define an emergency Monitor and disable it until needed. When enabling an emergency Monitor, disable the regular Monitors.

Use the Email and Event Monitoring Manager to disable specific Monitors.

Good to know:

  • Disabling a specific Monitor only disables a specific Monitor that is selected. It is not the same as pausing the Email and Event Monitor Service, which affects all enabled Monitors.
  • When an Email Monitor is disabled, the monitored email account continues to receive emails. However, those emails are not processed according to the rules in the disabled Monitor.

To disable an Email Monitor:

  1. Open the E-mail and Event Monitor.
  2. Select the Monitor to disable.
  3. Select Edit > Disabled (or right-click and select Disabled).

    The selected Monitor is disabled, and a disable icon Forbidden Icon appears on the item in the Email and Event Monitoring Manager.