Interact with CSM Business Object Records from Outlook

The Cherwell Outlook Add-In allows Users to access and create Business Object Records directly from Outlook.

To interact with CSM Business Object Records from Outlook:

  1. View or Link a Business Object Record: Click a Business Object Record to open a context menu and select:
    • Quick View: Opens the Business Object Record in a second window for a quick look at the details.
    • Go to Record: Navigates to the Business Object Record in CSM.

      Users might have to log into CSM before they can open the Business Object Record in CSM.

    • Link to Record: Links the current e-mail to the selected Business Object Record and creates a Journal - Mail History Record in CSM.
    • Unlink from Record: Unlinks the current e-mail from the associated Business Object Record, and then displays a list of potential link items that can be linked to the e-mail instead.

      Unlinking an e-mail from a record does not remove the Journal - Mail History Record from CSM.

  2. Execute Actions against a Business Object Record: Click the Actions drop-down to select One-Step Actions that can execute against the associated Business Object Record (example: Create Problem from Incident).

    The Actions Menu is only available when an e-mail is linked to a specific Business Object Record. The One-Step Actions that appear in the drop-down are based on the available Actions configured in CSM Administrator.

    Link Business Object Record from Outlook - Action drop-down

  3. Create a Business Object Record:
    1. Click the New Business Object button (example: Incident).

      A Quick View of a new Business Object Record (example: Incident) opens, with the Description Field populated with the body of the e-mail.

    2. Complete the form with any remaining details (example: Classification), if applicable.
    3. Save and close the record.

      The record now exists within CSM and can be linked to other e-mails.