Pause/Resume Email and Event Monitor Service Processing

Use the Pause/Resume Monitoring task in CSM Administrator to temporarily pause, and then resume Email and Event Monitor Service processing.

Pausing the service does not stop the Email and Event Monitor Service; rather, it suspends the service so that, when resumed, the service can pick up where it left off. Pause processing to suspend processing emails from monitored accounts, or resume processing to continue processing emails, starting with emails that are received from that point forward. The ability to pause or resume monitor processing is controlled by Email and Event Monitor security rights.

To pause or resume Email and Event Monitor Service processing:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, select the E-mail and Event Monitoring category, and then select the Pause/Resume Processing task.
  2. Select to pause or resume:
    1. Pause E-mail and Event Monitor Server: Select this check box to pause processing. Provide a reason for pausing processing.
    2. Resume E-mail and Event Monitoring Server Processing: Select this check box to resume processing.
  3. Select OK.