Create an Expression

Use the Expression window (access from within the Expression Manager) to create a stored expression. Access a stored expression wherever CSM uses an expression.

Unlike stored expressions, you can create custom expressions from many places in CSM but you can only use them where you create them. However, you can save custom expressions as stored expressions if you select the Convert to Stored Expression button in the Custom Expression Builder.

To create an Expression:

  1. Open the Expression Manager and select a scope and subfolder (if needed).
  2. Select Create New Create New Button.
  3. Provide a name and description (these are searchable in CSM Item Managers).
  4. Select an expression type from the Editor drop-down list, and then define its properties:
    • Aggregate
    • Case
    • Counter
    • Date/Time
    • Duration
    • Logical
    • Machine Learning Prediction
    • Number
    • Sentiment
    • Text
    • User/Data
  5. Select Save.