Print a Grid

Print a Grid to produce a hard-copy version of data.

Printing a Grid prints only the rows of data that are displayed in the Grid.

To print a Grid in the Desktop Client:

  1. In a Grid, click File > Print Grid or right-click in the Grid and select Print Grid.

    The Print Grid window opens.

  2. Select the columns to print by moving them to the Selected Fields box.

    By default, all rows are selected.

  3. Use the arrows to move and order fields.
  4. Define the printer options:
    1. Printer: Select the printer to use.
    2. Page Setup: Define basic paper setup options (ex: Paper, orientation, and margins).
    3. Font: Define the font, font style, and font size for the text on the printed Grid.

      Page Setup and Font options vary according to the driver of the selected printer.

  5. Define the print layout options:
    1. Force width to single page: Resize the printed Grid so that it fits on a single page (does not off trail off the edge).
    2. Shade alternate rows: Add a gray shade to every other row of the Grid.
    3. Number pages: Add a page numbers to the footers of the printed pages.
    4. Preview: Show a preview of the Grid before printing it.