HTML Page Editor

Use the HTML Editor to design and code your own HTML page.

To open the HTML Page Editor:

  1. From the HTML Page Manager, create a new HTML page or edit an existing HTML page (right-click the page and select Edit).
    When using a two-tier connection, a CSM login window opens. Provide your user name and password to open the HTML Editor tool.
  2. To delete a page from the HTML Page Editor in the CSM Desktop Client, select the page, and then select Delete (or right-click and select Delete).

    If you select Cancel, it does NOT delete the page.

  3. From the toolbar, use the following CSM-specific buttons for common CSM actions:
    • Edit CSS
    • Insert Cherwell action
    • Insert Cherwell image
    • Insert Cherwell expression, stored value, or system function
    • Preview in browser

    For more information on the Jodit Editor 3, see the XDSoft documentation at