HTML Pages Good to Know

Use these tips for helpful information on HTML pages.

  • Display an HTML page as a Portal startup item, or add an action to a Portal site menu bar to display an HTML page.
  • Actions, dashboards, visualizations, calendars, widgets, and searches can be viewed, accessed, or run in the CSM Portal; however, they are managed (created, edited, and deleted) and configured (security rights and defaults) only in the CSM Desktop Client and CSM Administrator.
  • If the CSM Browser Client or CSM Portal are accessed via HTTPS, an embedded HTML page displays if the embedded page is also delivered securely over HTTPS. This is a security restriction enforced by modern web browsers. If the Browser Client or Portal are accessed via HTTP, any embedded HTML page displays regardless of whether they are delivered over HTTP or HTTPS.

    Site owners can configure their sites to include HTTP headers that instruct browsers not to render the page if it is embedded within another site. This can prevent a browser from displaying an embedded HTML page. Be aware of this possibility when embedding any HTML page that is delivered by a web server that is not under your control.

  • To configure HTML pages in CSM Administrator, configure HTML pages rights.

Security rights control access to CSM functionality and are configured in the Security Group Manager in CSM Administrator (Security > Edit Security Groups).