About CSM Item Managers

Some CSM Item Managers can be accessed from multiple places; Browser Client Managers may have limited functionality.

CSM Manager Accessibility

CSM Item Manager

Desktop Client

CSM Administrator

Browser Client

Action Manager OK OK  
Action Block Manager OK OK  
Adaptive Layout Presets   OK*  
Attachment Manager OK OK  
Automation Processes Manager   OK  
Business Hours Manager OK OK  
Calendar Manager OK OK* OK**
Canonical Definitions   OK*  
Color Palette Editor OK OK OK
Command Manager OK OK  
Contact Manager OK   OK
Counter Manager OK OK*  
Dashboard Manager OK OK* OK
Database Server Objects Manager   OK*  
Document Repository Manager OK OK* OK
E-mail and Event Monitoring   OK*  
Expression Manager OK OK*  
External Connection Manager   OK*  
Format Manager   OK*  
Group Map Manager   OK*  
HTML Page Manager OK OK OK
Image Manager OK OK* OK
Knowledge Mapping & Sources Manager   OK*  
Metric Manager OK OK*  
Language Packs Manager   OK*  
Locked Strings Manager   OK*  
One-Step Action Manager OK OK* OK
Prompts Manager OK OK OK
Queue Manager OK   OK
Report Manager OK   OK
Role Manager   OK  
Scheduled Items Manager   OK*  
Search Manager OK OK* OK
Site Manager   OK*  
Stored Imports Manager   OK*  
Stored Value Manager OK OK*  
Teams Manager   OK*  
Team and Workgroup Manager   OK*  
Theme Manager OK OK* OK**
Twitter Account Manager OK OK  
User Manager   OK  
Visualization Manager OK OK* OK
Web Services Manager   OK*  
Webhooks Manager   OK*  
Widget Manager OK OK*  

* Note: Some Managers are accessed through the Managers menu in a Blueprint in CSM Administrator. Some Managers are also available when you are creating a mApp Solution.

**Note: View only.

E-mail and Event Monitoring provides the following CSM Item Managers: