Add a CSM Item to the Task Pane or Toolbar, Toolbar, or Blueprint

Some CSM Item Managers support adding a CSM Item to a personal Task Pane or a custom toolbar directly from the CSM Item Manager (example: in the Dashboard Manager, add a Dashboard to your toolbar). Some CSM Item Managers also support adding a CSM Item to a Blueprint from an Item Manager opened in CSM Administrator. The following CSM Item Managers support adding items to the Task Pane/toolbar:

  • Dashboard Manager
  • Search Manager
  • One-Step Action Manager
  • Visualization Manager
  • Calendar Manager
  • Report Manager

    This feature is not available when accessing the CSM Item Managers from CSM Administrator. Items cannot be added to Blueprints in the CSM Desktop Client.

To add a CSM Item to the Task Pane/toolbar:

  1. Open a CSM Item Manager.
  2. Select a scope and subfolder (if needed).
  3. Right-click the CSM Item to add to the Task Pane/toolbar, and then select Add To>:
    • Task Pane: Adds the item to your Task Pane (in the Common Tasks area).
    • Toolbar: Adds the item to a custom toolbar. Select an existing toolbar or create a new one.

      This option is also available from the File menu (File > Add To).

    • Blueprint: Adds the item to a Blueprint. This option is only available in CSM Administrator.
  4. Select OK.