CSM Item Manager Main Pane Context Menu

From the CSM Item Manager Main Pane context (right-click) menu, Users can perform a variety of tasks for items displayed in the Main Pane. The context menus differ in available actions between CSM Administrator and the CSM Desktop Client.

Left: CSM Administrator. Right: CSM Desktop Client.

To open the CSM Item Manager Main Pane context menu:

  1. Open a CSM Item Manager.
  2. In the Main Pane, right-click an item.

    The context menu opens.

Table:  CSM Item Manager Main Pane Context Menu Actions
Action Description
New Creates a new item.
Edit Edits the current selection.
Delete Deletes the current selection.
New folder Creates a new folder.
Cut Moves the current selection to the clipboard, so you can then paste it into a new location.
Copy Creates a new item whose properties are the same as the copied item. The new item can then be named and customized.
Paste Inserts the cut or copied item from the clipboard.
Rename Renames the current selection.

Pins items to the Pinboard and MRU list for a specified scope:

  • Pin for User ([User])
  • Pin for Role ([User's Role])
  • Pin for other Role
  • Pin for all Users
Localization Opens localization options for a selected definition (CSM Administrator only).
Add to...

Adds the selected item to one of the following:

  • Blueprint (CSM Administrator only).
  • Task Pane.
  • Toolbar.
Refresh Refreshes the data.
Find Dependencies Displays other CSM Items using the selected item.

Multiple CSM Items provide pinning functionality in the context menu. For more information, see Pin a CSM Item.