CSM Item Manager Tree

The CSM Item Manager tree displays items in a hierarchical format, organized by scope and subfolder (if applicable). The Manager tree also lists any Searches run during the current session.

Using the CSM Item Manager tree, Users can:

  • Sort through folders by clicking the Plus button to expand the folder list (if applicable).
  • Open folders by clicking the desired folder once. Items in the folder display in the CSM Item Manager Main Pane.
  • Open the CSM Item Manager tree context (right-click) menu to delete, rename, or refresh folders in the tree.
  • Organize CSM Manager items.

Good to know:

  • Multiple CSM Items provide pinning functionality in the Manager tree. For more information, see Pin a CSM Item.
  • The ability to organize CSM Items is configured through security rights. For more information, refer to the Security Rights documentation.