Search in a CSM Item Manager

Use the CSM Item Manager Search Control (upper-right corner of each Item Manager) to find items by name or description.

Good to know:

  • Press CTRL+F in an Item Manager to put focus on (jump the cursor to) the Search Control.
  • Wildcards (*, %) can be used.
  • The search includes the name and description of items. For certain Managers (notably Attachment Manager), the contents of the item will also be searched.
  • CSM searches the selected folder and its subfolders. (Typically, the selected folder is scope.) Examples:
    • If the root folder (Dashboards in the screenshot) is selected, all scopes and folders are searched.
    • If the Team folder is selected, the Team folder and its subfolders are searched.
    • If a Global subfolder is selected, only that subfolder and its subfolders are searched.

      CSM searches only displayed folders (example: If you are not currently viewing all roles, then all roles would not be searched.

  • Search results are displayed in a sortable Grid (Details View) in the Item Manager Main pane (all other View options are disabled).
  • The Search Results Grid displays an additional column called Folder, which includes the scope and folder (example: Global/Availability or User (Bob)/My Stuff).
  • When a search result is selected:
    • Run, Edit, Delete, and Clipboard drag/drop operations work. Any copy/paste within the folder will maintain the same scope and folder as the original item.
    • Add, New, and View buttons are disabled.
  • A list of searches for the current session is displayed in the Item Manager Tree so Users can return to the search at any time during the session.
  • Changing the association or closing the Manager clears the current search. Users can also right-click on the search folder and choose to remove search results.

To search in an Item Manager:

  1. Open a CSM Item Manager.
  2. Select a scope and subfolder (if needed).

    CSM searches a selected folder and its subfolders, so you can search all folders in the tree by selecting the top folder, or you can limit the search to a specific folder.

  3. Provide a word or phrase in the Search Control.

    Press CTRL+F to jump your cursor to the Item Manager's Search Control.

  4. Click Go or press ENTER.

    Search results are displayed in a Grid in the Main pane. A list of searches for the session is displayed in the Item Manager Tree.

    To sort the results, click the column header to sort: the Up arrow Arrow Up Black Sort sorts the column in ascending order (example: 1-10, A-Z, etc.); the Down arrow Arrow Down Black Sort sorts the column in descending order (example: 10-1, Z-A, etc.).