View Items by Scope

In addition to viewing items by Icon, List, or Details, Users can also change the items they view in the Item Managers by scope depending upon their security rights and security groups.

For example, Henri is both a Technician and a Service Desk Manager. Initially, he may only be able to view items based on his Role as a Technician. By selecting to view items in the Item Managers for all his Roles, Henri can then see items allocated to his Role as a Service Desk Manager as well as a Technician.

To change the view of items in the Item Managers by scope:

  1. Open a CSM Item Manager.
  2. In the menu bar, click View, and then select from the following options.
Action Description
Show [Items] for all my Roles Displays items for all Roles the current User belongs to (example: Technician and Service Desk Manager).
Show [Items] for all Roles Displays items for all Roles.
Show [Items] for all Users Displays items for all Users.
Show [Items] for all Teams Displays items for all Teams.
Show [Items] for Customer Workgroups Displays items for Customer Workgroups.