Define an Attachment Knowledge Source

Use an attachment Knowledge source to search documents (example: Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, etc.) that have been imported into CSM using the Attachment Manager. When you define an attachment Knowledge source, you define:

  • General properties: Type of Knowledge source and display name.
  • Search criteria: Search categories and options.
  • Solution: Use attachments as a solution when on a Business Object record.

Good to Know:

  • Search options for this feature include global and/or user folders, so ensure that the attachments you want to search are placed in one or both of the folders.
  • The Business Object drop-down list is disabled for this type of Knowledge source.

To define an attachment Knowledge source:

  1. Open the Knowledge Source Manager.
  2. Define general properties:
    1. Source: Select Attachment in the drop-down list.
    2. Name:

      Provide a display name to use within CSM (search this property in CSM Item Managers).

  3. Define search criteria:
    • Categories: When a search is launched from a Business Object that has categorization (example: An Incident with a Network category and Performance subcategory), the categories are passed to the Knowledge source. If you select the Add to Search String option for each of these categories, then the words that appear in the categories are added to the list of words that must be found.
    • Allow Users to ignore categories: Select this check box to give the user the ability to specify whether the category values should be included in the search or not. Otherwise, the category values are always passed.
    • Allow User to limit by date: Select this check box to give the user the option to only find Attachments that were created or modified within a certain period of time (example: Within the past week). Otherwise, all attachments are searched, regardless of when they were modified.
    • Search Global Attachments: Select this check box to search the Global folder of the current user in the Attachment Manager.
    • Search User attachments: Select this check box to search the current user's folder in the Attachment Manager.
  4. Define the solution:
    • Solution can be put into Business Object Attachment: Select this check box to give users the ability to select the Use Solution option (attaches the Knowledge source to the current record) if an appropriate attachment is found.
  5. Select Save.