Define General Knowledge Search Options

Use Knowledge mapping to determine what Knowledge sources can be searched during a general knowledge search. Use this for impromptu searches or research when you are not working with a particular Business Object.

Good to Know:

  • Knowledge sources must be defined using the Knowledge Source Manager before adding them to the general search list.
  • Select a Knowledge Source, then select Remove to remove it from the list. Select a Knowledge Source, then select the Up/Down buttons to organize the items in the list.

To add general search Knowledge sources:

  1. Open the Knowledge Mapping window.
  2. In the Search From menu, select General Search.

    Knowledge sources open in the window. (Some Knowledge sources may be provided with your system.)

    The Knowledge Sources window showing the add, remove, and ranking buttons.

  3. Add Knowledge sources that you want available to users for general searches:
    1. Select the Add button.

      The Knowledge Source Manager opens.

    2. Select a Knowledge Source.
    3. Select OK.

      The new Knowledge source appears in the list.

  4. Select OK.