Using a Metric Within a Metric

To use a Metric within a Metric:

  1. Right-click a Metric in the Calculated Metrics window, and then select Properties.
  2. Define the Value to Retrieve:
    • Current value: Current Metric value, within context of freshness. In other words, retrieve the current usable (fresh) value sitting in the User's local cache. If the value is no longer considered fresh, the value will be re-queried and re-cached (that is, synced with the database).

      (Advanced property) Select the Reload the current cache value each time Metric is requested check box to force a re-query each time the value is requested (that is, sync with database); however, syncing affects performance and replaces the local cache value on the User's machine, which could interfere with trending.

    • Value from [last cache]: The Metric value from one cache ago (that is, the value that was cached right before the Current Value).
    • Past value: A previously-cached Metric value that you specify. You can count back (example: From 1 minute ago), specify by first of the month, quarter/year, or select a value from a specific weekday.
  3. Select the Define the Value to Return (Advanced property) check box to determine what happens when a requested cached Metric values cannot be found. In this case, CSM returns a cached value closest to the requested time. You can choose:
    • Retrieved Value:
      • Last cached value
      • Cached value closest to requested time: The current value sitting in cache; may or may not be considered fresh.
      • Specific value
    • Stored time of retrieved value
  4. Click OK.