Numeric Modifier Formats

As with date/time modifiers, numeric modifier formats can control the way in which numbers are displayed. The table below shows the supported options along with an example of each. The examples are based on the number 12345.67890.

Good to Know

  • Several of the formats are based on the regional settings of the current user’s machine.
  • After applying a numeric format, the resulting value is considered to be text, so any text operators can then be applied to the value.
  • Cherwell follows IEEE standards for rounding numerical values, specifically the round to nearest, ties to even rule.
Table:  Numeric Modifier Formats
Format Example
Number 12345.68
Number (set decimals) 12345.7 (one decimal place)
General 12345.6789
Currency $12345.68
Currency (set decimals) $12345.678 (three decimal places)
Fixed Point 12345.68
Fixed Point (set decimals) 12345.679 (three decimal places)
Percent 1,234,567.89%
Percent (set decimals) 1,234,567.890% (three decimal places)
Scientific 1.234568E+ 004
Hexadecimal ABCD (from value 43981)
Custom Requires knowledge of the legal .NET numeric formats. An example: F3, which would return 12345.679. See this resource for more information on custom formatting.