Define a Copy to Clipboard Action

Use the Copy to Clipboard Action to copy text data to the clipboard when a One-Step™ Action is run, so you can use the data outside of the One-Step Action.

For example, copy the contents of the Incident description field so you can send the information to the IT Manager. Fields can be inserted as tokens, and the Rich Text Zoom window can be used to format the contents.

  • Copy to Clipboard Actions are supported in the CSM Desktop Client and the CSM Browser Client.
  • You can associate this action with any Business Object.
  • This action only copies text values.

To define a Copy to Clipboard Action:

  1. Open the One-Step Editor.
  2. Add a Copy to Clipboard Action to the Designer Board.
  3. Define general properties:
    NameProvide a name for the action.
    ContentsProvide the text you want to copy to the clipboard. Select the Selector button to insert tokens (example: fields, system functions, prompts, expressions, stored values, metrics, and counters) directly into the text.
  4. Define Annotation properties.
  5. Select Save.