Define a Launch a URL Action

Use the Launch a URL Action to launch a URL using a One-Step Action.

For example, add a One-Step Action to a Dashboard Widget on a Customer Portal to launch your company's website when Customers click on a link.

To define a Launch a URL Action:

  1. Open the One-Step Editor.
  2. Add a Launch a URL Action to the Designer Board.
  3. Provide a display name for the Action.
  4. Define a URL to launch from this Action. Provide text. Click the Selector button to insert Tokens (example: Fields, System Functions, Prompts, Expressions, Stored Values, Metrics, and Counters) directly into the text.
  5. Click the Ellipses button to navigate to the specified URL to ensure it is correct.
  6. Define the Annotations for a One-Step Action.
  7. Click Save.